Incest Phone Sex


Do you love age play incest phone sex? I know I sure love pleasing my perverted Daddy during a family fun fantasy role play.

When Daddy called the other night with a new twist to our incest phone sex role play. Daddy had been laid off for awhile and the rent was coming due. So after talking with the landlord, they had struck up a deal. The landlord was interested in watching some mother/daughter action. Daddy told me to be a good girl and do everything that he told me.

Mommy and I were naked on the bed when the landlord came in. Pulling out his cock to stroke it, while I crawled between mommy’s legs. I learned how to lick mommy’s pussy. Mommy’s pussy was so different from my bald pre-teen pussy. I parted her hairy lips, licking at her clit while sliding my little fingers into her juicy hole. Being a good girl I had made mommy cum several times with my mouth and fingers, when she pulled me up on top of her.

My bald pussy rubbing on her hairy one. Mommy licked her juices off my face, while holding my ass so she could grind my bald pussy on her. Holding my legs up close around her waist, she opened me up so that the landlord could get between our legs, and fuck me hard while mommy held me tight. While the landlord shoved his hard cock into me, popping my pre teen pussy.

I was so tight it didn’t take long for him to dump his load into me. The landlord pulled out of me, so Daddy could take his place. While Daddy was fucking me, the landlord slid his cock into my mommy’s mouth so she could clean him off and suck him hard again so he could fuck her next.

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Family Fun Phone Sex


Do you love incest as much as I do? I love being Daddy’s little fuck toy. I have to tell you all about my family fun phone sex role play I shared with my perverted daddy the other night.

I am not sure if seducing Daddy and fucking him, knowing he wants me more then he does Mommy is part of my arousal. Maybe I just am a naughty family fun phone sex girl who loves knowing every time daddy gets hard he is thinking about me. I really am not sure when I first realized that I wanted Daddy’s cock. I know that Mom is a prude which meant Daddy probably hadn’t gotten much since I was born. Anyway my thoughts had become filled with working on seducing Daddy which kept me aroused most days, having to take matters into my own hands till I figured things out.

Daddy was outside mowing the yard, and Mom said she was leaving for work. Perfect, I really needed to get myself off. Grabbing my dildo and stripping off all my clothes I laid on my stomach naked, my hands between my legs I started working the largest dildo I had in and out of my sweet little pussy. Moving my legs I slide that dildo in and out, imagining just how good it would feel if it was Daddy’s Cock.

One hand working the dildo in and out of my tight little cunt and the other hand rubbing my clit, I started babbling as I got closer and closer to cumming ” That’s right Daddy, fuck me with your big cock, Oh that’s it Daddy fuck my pussy, Oh God Daddy fill me with your hot cum ” breathing hard I exploded into wonderful orgasm. Rolling over sliding the dildo out of my pussy I started licking the juices off of it before placing it on the nightstand.

That’s when I noticed Daddy standing in the doorway with a erection ready to bust out of his pants. Without a word Daddy started stripping his clothes off as he walked into the room. Sliding onto the bed between my legs, I watched as he slid the head of his fat cock, up and down my bald pussy. Daddy parted my puffy lips and slowly started to push himself into me. Shuddering I reached my hands around to Daddy’s back wanting to dig my nails into him. Daddy stopped me, pulling my hands together, he pulled them above my head holding them tight.

Giggling I asked Daddy if he was going to get rough with me. He replied “Only if you want me too” ” Oh yes Daddy I want you too hold me down and fuck me please Daddy fuck your little girl” Holding my hand firmly above my head Daddy started thrusting deeper and faster into me. Grabbing a leg he pushed it onto his shoulder as he kept pounding me. Soon you could only hear the squeaking of my bed, my soft whimpering and Daddy grunting has he rammed his cock in and out, the faster he moved the more I struggled and squirmed the faster Daddy fucked me. I screamed I was cumming begging Daddy to cum with me and fill me up with his hot seed. We laid there for a few minutes, Daddy let go of my hands. As Daddy’s cock slipped out of me, I kissed him telling him to think of all the fun we could have with Mommy working late.

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Underage Phone Sex


I just love underage phone sex so much. It makes my little cunt so wet when I think about your pedo cock popping my cherry. The nastier our underage phone sex call is the more turned on you will find that I get. We can role play you kidnapping me from the park on my way home from school. Maybe even sneaking into my bedroom at night. I will be whimpering and crying “please don’t hurt me”, as your ripping my white cotton panties from my body. You tell me that your going to hurt me if you want, but not to worry I will end up begging for more in the end. Deep down you know I am a slut for your pedo cock. It is underage phone sex done the way you want it to be.

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Submissive Phone Sex


I am ready to be your submissive phone sex slut tonight. When Daddy calls his submissive phone sex daughter, he wants me dressed in a pleated skirt, white cotton panties, white blouse unbuttoned, white knee high socks and black patent leather loafers. I love prancing around modeling my schoolgirl outfit for him. Flashing him my panties, letting him see my camel toe before sliding my panties off so he can get a good view of my hairless cunt. Daddy loves to lay me down rubbing my little cunt while feeding me his big cock. Sliding my mouth up and down his shaft while my other hand cups his nut sac, squeezing it gently getting the cum built up. Daddy cums so hard when I slide my finger into his ass hole while he jerks his cock off cumming all over my face, I scoop up all his cum as to not waste a drop. Join me for a hot incest loving submissive phone sex role play tonight.

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No Limits Phone Sex


Do you enjoy taking your no limits phone sex fantasies to be taken to the extreme? If you find us starting out in a “normal” age play fantasy, but it’s just not getting it for you why not try going a little younger? I love all age play fantasies and have no limits on the age, I am willing to play or talk about. You are free to express yourself in our no limits phone sex time together. I can get as dirty and nasty as you would like me to be. I am your perfect pedo playmate who enjoys all kinds of kinky fun.¬† Let’s see how nasty we can get together.

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